Adult Pacifier NUK MediPro

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A pacy for big babies. Soothing and relaxing...


Medic Pro Therapeutic trainer is commonly known as the NUK 5 Pacifier or dummy;  it has a plain white plastic mouth guard and latex specially shaped teat makes every baby feel soothed and secure when feeling little.
Great to help you slumber gently after a meal or when trying to get to sleep a must for any adult baby or babyfur, call it what you like but the NUK 5 pacifier is claimed by many to be the best one to use.
Names for pacifiers generally, can include, Paci, Soother and Binki amongst others.
Carers – this is the ideal gift for your baby and helps to keep them quiet and content.

The only material used for the NUK MedicPro Teat Trainer is high-quality 100% natural latex – bisphenol-A-free, of course.
Latex is an extremely flexible and resilient material which is comfortably soft.

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