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Hey Diaper Lovers! It is good to see you here. I created this space since I haven't found any ABDL related products in New Zealand myself.

Any feedback and suggestions are always welcome - let me know if you are looking for something special.

Packaging: we only send out neutral packages, either in grey, non-transparent plastic bags or solid card board boxes with no writing on it. The sender just states: I.C. Trading.

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REARZ diapers are coming to New Zealand!

Thanks for taking part in my survey. I got 138 results and the clear winners are:

  • Safari
  • Princess Pink
  • Alpaca

Will also got some packs with booster in as they are also sought after.

Timeline: unfortunately I had major troubles with China's lockdown - all container shipments are delayed pushing free space for the REARZ order further back. I hope it will get August.

Shipping cost: From 1. June 2022 NZ Post has changed it's product price structure and forced me to use now for all shipments the more expensive "Courier" option, so I had to adjust also the freight cost in my shop.

To give you an idea: 1 box of diapers (large) shipped to the South Island costs $40 - you pay only $21... in most cases I still subsidize freight costs to ease the pain.

ABDL diaper and nappies


  • Printed Adult Diapers

    Dotty's Pride diapers are now all sold.

    So for now only Seaside Mermaids in stock. More stock for a similar diaper (same base, different print) has been ordered, but due to current Chinese lock downs logistics is very difficult.

    I try to get more different styles in but this always depends on the Chinese suppliers what the have currently in production and if we are allowed to grab some from there. I can't order a whole container load...

    Also check out my range of ABDL clothing! Toddler briefs, training pants (with PUL layers!) and onesies.

    Shipping cost: Local courier costs keep crawling up, so I will have to adjust our freight cost on a regular base unfortunately. In most cases I subsidies the cost, especially for orders going to the South Island.

    Please note also that I can't send more than 4 diaper packages in one order as this is the shipping limit for most couriers in terms of volume.

    Discount: we have changed the discount structure, mix and match 4 diaper packs and get the bulk discount, no need to buy 4 of the same style/size. The discount gets applied at the checkout.

  • ABDL Clothing

    Find only the most comfortable onesies, training pants and briefs in our clothing store. Find a onesie pattern or print that makes playtime perfect, with a bonus of keeping pesky diapers in place. With our cloth training pants, you’ll stay safe, especially with comfy clear plastic pants for maximum protection! And if you have one of these days where you feel big enough to wear normal underwear, well than it still must have a suitable playful pattern, showing that you are still a baby inside.

  • Pacifiers


    Now in stock!

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