Adult Diapers

Please note also that I can't send more than one CASE in one order as this is the shipping limit for most couriers in terms of volume. IF you want to order multiple cases please send me a message and we will work out an offer with a freight company or you will have to place multiple orders.

Printed ABDL Diapers


  • REARZ Diapers

    REARZ stands to it's promise - new production has been improved and some selected products can hold up to 11000ml**. Check the product specs to get the latest details.

    ** bear in mind that these values are based on the the ISO Rothwell test... real life absorbancy is significantly lower.

    You can download a full reference guide with all REARZ diapers and find out what the differences and features are:

  • InControl

    InControl offers a high quality range of mainly white diapers (but also nice stuff like Felicity Pull-Ups), this range is generally cheaper than the printed one. InControl is from the same company that also supplies REARZ, so they know how to design the perfect diaper ;-)

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