Continence Care

Our washable products address mild to moderate urinary incontinence as well as issues with heavy menstrual periods.
There are two approaches - either an all-in-one solution or a combination of an absorbent insert and a protection pant. For mild incontinence and menstrual periods we have wonderful all-in-one products, with excellent two-pants solutions for more severe incontinence. This two-pants the solution is very easy because you can combine pants and pads as you need them. This approach also saves you money, because you will need fewer protection pants. Leak safety is another benefit of the two-pants solutions, as all-in-ones are more susceptible to leakage with severe incontinence. Last but not least, washing and drying are simpler when using two pants.

For heavy incontinence we also stock disposable diaper briefs. These briefs are one of the best diapers you will get in New Zealand as they have a much higher absorbancy than standard diapers. Our diapers will last the whole night without any leaks.

If you are unsure which kind of product is the best for you, please have a look first on our page or gives us a call.

Incontinence Products


  • Womens Protection Panties

    Vv SkiVvys, a glamorous panty that looks and feels normal, but it is waterproof, leak-resistant and stain-resistant for women to wear when it is that time of the month or if they suffer from bladder control problems. When worn in conjunction with a pad or tampon, Vv SkiVvys offers the ultimate backup protection. Women are now able to stand up with confidence any day of the month and feel pretty at the same time. Three sisters designed and developed over 3 years this glamorous, protective panty. “We had the need for a panty that offers security as well as style and comfort. We could not find a pretty panty that blocked leaking onto our outer clothing, and to be honest, we were tired of ruining our good clothing and sheets.”
    (Valerie Strange - Co-Creator of Vv SkiVvys)

    Vv SkiVvys offer women discreet protection. The outside is a soft cotton fabric and the inside features a darker coloured wicking fibre to pull moisture away from the body and camouflage any colour. They also have a cotton crotch providing comfort for those days when you are unsure of your period start date, or if you have mild incontinence. They can be worn as regular underwear and machine washed & dried. Until now, there has not been a product like this on the market. Vv SkiVvys ... where glamour meets protection!

  • Washable Inserts
  • All-In-One Diaper System

    Our washable All-In-One diaper-system is designed to be skin-friendly. The soft materials provide convenient wearing comfort. The outer cover is made out of PUL coated fabric, which holds the liquid inside the diaper inserts.

    The inserts are body-shaped to increase the amount of fabric to allow better coverage and higher absorbency.

  • PVC Protection Pants

    These pants are usually worn as additional protection over a disposal diaper or our AIO diaper system for example at night to prevent spills.
    Our night care plastic pants are superb for side sleeping as it prevents leaks at the waist and legs. (That is why it is so important the sides are welded, not just sewn.)
    We provide Pull-Up and Snap-On styles. Pull-Up pants are 100% leak-proof, while Snap-On pants are easier to fit on a patient, allowing fast and efficient diaper changes. All our PVC materials are free from BPA.

  • Disposable Diapers

    Our range of disposable diapers is specialized on novelty products. These products have a superb performance, compared to standard products, our range will absorb twice as much liquid. This means that only half the amount of changes is required. This explains also the higher cost.

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