Continence Care

Our washable products address mild to severe urinary incontinence as well as issues with heavy menstrual periods.
There are two approaches - either an all-in-one solution or a combination of an absorbent insert and a protection pant. For mild incontinence and menstrual periods we have wonderful all-in-one products, with excellent two-pants solutions for more severe incontinence. This two-pants the solution is very easy because you can combine pants and pads as you need them. This approach also saves you money, because you will need fewer protection pants. Leak safety is another benefit of the two-pants solutions, as all-in-ones are more susceptible to leakage with severe incontinence. Last but not least, washing and drying are simpler when using two pants.
If you are unsure which kind of products are the best for you, please have a look first on our page.

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