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Vv SkiVvys was designed, developed, and tested by myself and my two sisters along with some help from our Mom. We three sisters, Valerie Strange, Rochelle Woodeshick, and June Krolikowski were very tired of worrying about what would happen on the days when our period was heavy. We are talking about those days when you double up on your pads or use a tampon and a pad together so there is less of a chance for something to show up on the back of your pants or worse yet, have something shows up on a sofa or office chair. After many near-embarrassing situations, and many stains to panties, sheets, and clothing, we knew there had to be a solution to this very common problem. When we approached our Mom, Pearl Briggs, with the idea of coming up with a solution, she encouraged us to move forward and vowed to help us in any way she could.

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