Printed Adult Diapers

Stock is getting low - but new stock in pipeline

UPDATE 15/10/21:

So here we are - we have received 200 packs of diapers... but not the one we had ordered! I'm pretty piss-off about my suppliers attitude, but that's what can happen with Chinese suppliers especially in this kind of product field.

What does this mean? I did not get any BearHugz or Cloudry's, instead only Dotty Pride 3.0 (in M and L). I will contact each customer having products back ordered what they want to do. I have also lowered the price for these as I'm a bit in doubt if these are "genuine" products, since Dotty has no Pride 3.0... Still, the diapers are actually pretty good (obviously tested by myself) and worth their money.

We have also finished the production of undies, trainer pants and onesies. We expect those to arrive end of October. Come back from time to time to check when the new products will be uploaded.

Shipping cost: we tried to get the best deal, but it's still not cheap to send bulky diaper packages around the islands (and courier companies have increased their rates again on the 1st July). In most cases we subsidies the cost, especially for order going to the South Island. Please note also that we can't send more than 4 packages in one order as this is the shipping limit.

Discount: we have changed the discount structure, mix and match 4 diaper packs and get the bulk discount, no need to buy 4 of the same style/size. The discount gets applied at the checkout.

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